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Enterprise problem diagnosis:

"Sick sick, no ill feelings", in fact, enterprise, enterprise diagnosis is closely connected with the enterprise management, force focus on the management problems of mining enterprises, use of space, the whole points consultant thinking, such as concept, hypothesis, and to provide a new perspective of thinking; And implement leverage points to management performance as the breakthrough, with objective and neutral professional identity, through concept, scheme design, the key link to participate in, focus on implementation plan for the customer, to solve the problem.

1, diagnostic methods 

Problem diagnosis, for the enterprise group's research approach is based on some basic assumptions and the latest enterprise management research framework. Through data verification, personnel interviews and field observation and other methods to the internal situation of the enterprise to understand and know their management and production requirements from the system to the actual condition.

2, diagnostic purposes 

For the corporate operation system, understand enterprise present situation, the enterprise within the unreasonable factors and the factors affecting the development of enterprises to identify and identified, and find out the crux of the obstacles to enterprise development, the scheme of rationality, the improvement of the professional advice.