Company Profile

Good management is also productivity. Good management could release people’s energy, stimulate people’s potential, and help the enterprise make higher revenue. A-LAB Management takes improving the management performance as own responsibility and realizes self-value when creates worth for customer.

A-LAB was registered and founded in Hong Kong in 1998; In 2004, Suzhou branch was founded; A-LAB started its independent operation in 2009.

Based on professional knowledge, we provide our customers with systematic consulting and mentoring as well as management training service with global resources, advanced technical support, scientific theories and successful experience in local market to help customers optimize procedures, improve systems, introduce innovations and enhance overall competitive advantage.

After eight years, we have successfully cooperated with hundreds of famous enterprises, including those ranking in World Top 500, such as General Motors, Ford, FAW, Toyota, Bosch, Delphi Corp., Samsung, Sanyo electric, Yamaha, SONY, etc. which are all over the country. The brand influence spreads to every developed city across the country, and has built a good reputation in many areas. Especially in automotive industry, we have accumulated extremely rich experience in coaching and training.